Are Taco Bell fries vegan?

Is Taco Bell Vegan or Not?

Going on a plant-based diet is a very dedicated decision but gives an immensely rewarding lifestyle.

Every day, the food choices you make must align to your goal of having meat-free dishes every meal, but finding a decent vegan-friendly food in restaurants have always been an extreme sport. Most fast food chains offer little to no vegan-friendly food, and you probably have ended up with a depressing salad awfully made for once in your life.

Fortunately, among the wide array of fast food chains you can choose from, comes Taco Bell.

While Taco Bell is not the only food chain that offers veggie-menu, it is without a doubt that they offer the biggest, most customizable menu compared to its counterparts by a mile. Additionally, like its rivals, Taco Bell is everywhere, so you can be assured that there will always be a  recent vegan food around here somewhere!

If you are still wondering whether Taco Bell is vegan or not, read on!

Order Meatless Burritos in Taco Bell

Part of the struggle with being a vegan or vegetarian is choosing a meal that can either be customizable (opting out from meat) or a meal that is already tagged as vegan.

Taco Bell understands the difficulty of being a vegetarian, and has a huge menu of vegan friendly burritos and tortillas that are all certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

As defined by the AVA, a vegetarian friendly food is lacto-ovo, which means dairy and egg consumption is perfectly fine, as long as it is not an animal by-product.

You can take this post as a cheat sheet the next time you visit your nearby Taco Bell, because we are going to list just a couple of the AVA certified and meatless menu options!

Breakfast Soft Taco

This is originally a Bacon Breakfast Soft Taco, but since Taco Bell is open for order customization, you can ask to take out the bacon and enjoy your meatless, cruelty-free breakfast for a dollar!

Black Bean Burrito

With a sumptuous combination of seasoned rice, black beans smothered in three-cheese blend, and red sauce, you can never go wrong with this option.

Black Beans and Rice

This is the perfect side dish to get when you are having a nice, full vegan meal at Taco Bell. Tasty black beans over a perfectly cooked and seasoned rice – yum!

Vegan Power Menu Bowl

As Taco Bell claims, this Vegan Power Menu Bowl is an alleged upgrade to their regular Power Menu Bowl. They have just taken out the meat and replaced it with more seasoned black beans. You can’t get enough of black beans!

You can also get this in burrito variety, or Vegan Power Menu Burrito as it is called. Perfect for on-the-go.

Cheese Quesadilla

Taco Bell has everything. That special burrito you saw in a particular restaurant’s menu? They have it. That delicious, most basic cheese quesadilla that your co-worker shared you with? They have that too!

When in doubt, get you some cheese quesadilla.

Cheesy Roll Up

Craving for something cheesy but not too complicated? Cheesy Roll Up is your best bet! It is just your regular three-cheese blend rolled up in a nice, floured tortilla. Meatless and delicious!

Spicy Tostada

Dubbed as Taco Bell’s “confident food” along with “comfort food”, Spicy Tostada is made up of real cheddar cheese, refried beans, and your good ol’ lettuce and tomato combo.

7-Layer Burrito

Just when you thought vegan food can’t get even more exciting, here comes the 7-layer burrito. The layers are made up of beans, reduced fat sour cream (score!), tomatoes, classic three-cheese blend, seasoned rice, tomatoes, and millennials’ cult favorite, guacamole. We know, right?

Bean Burrito

Going back to the basic beans, Bean Burrito is just your straightforward beans, red sauce, cheese, and onion concoction. Make no mistake, it’s as good as the black bean variety!

Pintos and Cheese

Pintos and cheese is the option to get if you are on a soft diet. Your tongue will thank you for the cheesy blend with beans and red sauce that you have bestowed.

Double Tostada

Double tostada is an upgrade of the Spicy Tostada, and if you are lucky, you will be able to find this in your favorite Taco Bell branch. News say that this has become rare, so grab the opportunity if you see this on the menu.

Have fun and stay Vegan

The answers to whether Taco Bell is vegan or not are all laid out above, so there is nothing else to do but rejoice. No more wondering what or where to eat next. Have fun and stay vegan, thanks Taco Bell!