Vegan Diet Meal Plan

vegan diet meal plan healthy

The start of a vegan lifestyle is actually not that complicated:

  1. As a first step, all the obvious animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and honey are eliminated from the diet.
  2. Anyone who wants to do something for animal welfare and the environment in addition to their personal health benefits also waives other materials derived from animals or livestock (leather, wool, silk).
  3. Consistent vegans also rely on animal-free cosmetics and vegan washing and cleaning products

Meanwhile, many manufacturers already vegan products with the symbol of the vegan flower or with the word “vegan” and also give on their websites information about whether they offer vegan products.

The list of ingredients is not always complete

If you want to get even deeper into the subject, you can also search for “hidden” animal substances in products. Not always these must be indicated on the list of ingredients. Some, at first sight, vegetable products, for example, during manufacture with animal ingredients in contact. For example, many fruit juices are clarified with gelatin. Other products from almost all walks of life may also contain ingredients derived from animal production. Here it becomes clear that it can be very difficult today to live 100% vegan in all areas. However, a vegan diet is relatively easy to learn, if it is carried out correctly, it can be healthy and can become a natural part of everyday life after just a few weeks of conversion.

Vegan slimming – easy and healthy

Many people who like to lose weight are of the opinion that only high-protein diets such as low-fat fish, meat supplemented with lettuce and vegetables are successful in the long term. However, this form of protein diet is not always the right choice for everyone. For a healthy weight loss, there are many different options. Even a well-done vegan diet can also lead to success without much enjoyment.

Tips and tricks for the vegan everyday life

Baking without milk, butter and egg

Baking without milk and egg – vegan baking! Of course, you can also vegan (without animal products, such as butter, cottage cheese or egg) baking. Vegan baking is easier than you think, but also versatile and creative. There are several ways to replace recipe ingredients of animal origin.

Alternatives to Egg:

  1. Soy Meal: Because of the high fat and protein content, soy flour is not only a great source of protein, but in recipes that require up to 4 eggs, there is a very good alternative for the egg.
  2. Banana sauce: works very well as an egg substitute, as it makes the dough sticky and homogeneous. You can taste the banana in the final product, so this variant works more in sweet baked goods such as pancakes, cakes, muffins or cupcakes.
  3. Applesauce: Although it does not work as well as banana bran to bind the dough, it is a good alternative if you do not have bananas on hand. It gives baked goods a refreshing apple flavor and works well with cakes and muffins

Alternatives to butter:

  1. Margarine: There is a wide range of margarine suitable for baking. Incidentally, together with fresh herbs, margarine also makes a great spread.
  2. Coconut fat: Coconut oil can be heated to high temperatures without decomposing and, unlike margarine, is free from hydrogenated fats. When it cools, it gets hard again and is therefore good for glazes or sweets. The desired amount of coconut fat is heated and added to the liquid baking ingredients, then the liquid mixture with the dry ingredients is stirred well and the vegan cake dough is ready!
  3. Sunflower oil: Perfect for preparing muffins or as a base for an oil sponge.

Alternatives to yoghurt:

You can now find soy yoghurt soy yoghurt in every well-stocked supermarket. Replaces the yoghurt eg in the muffin recipe.

Cooking without milk, egg and butter


Tofu is now available in every well-stocked supermarket. It is suitable as a main ingredient in many dishes, such as marinated as a meat substitute for grilling or in ragouts. For example, silk tofu is also very useful as an egg substitute, for example in spicy casseroles. Naturtofu is very finely pureed as a quark substitute for the production of sweet desserts eg with fruit, and cinnamon and some sugar or syrup.

Replacement for cheese

Most people miss a vegan diet, especially the crispy baked cheese of many spicy dishes.

Replacement for milk

The ingredients milk or cream replace products from soy, oat or almond. Available in the supermarket, health food store and sometimes also in the drugstore.

Vegan Grilling

Especially in the summer with the ever-popular barbecue, the question arises: What comes on the plate? In addition to delicious tofu skewers (tofu cubes with pepper pieces and onion stuck on skewers and 1-2 hours in a spice marinade of olive oil and tomato paste insert) are also thick zucchini strips or champignons (brush with a little olive oil) excellent for the Grill. Even those who want to grill a vegan sausage in style will find what they are looking for in a well-stocked retail store.